Avoiding cross-connection

The problems/risks that were mentioned before might also occur due to cross-connection. There are several manufacturers that claim to produce "Stäubli compatible" components. Doing cross-connection, however, is not permitted under any circumstances and may lead to severe damages.

Quality connectors vs. low-end connectors

By mismating or cross-connecting, you easily entail technical as well as legal risks. Therefore, it is important to always pay attention to use Stäubli components during the whole installation process. Factors, that are causing incompatibility:

  • Deficient technology and product material
  • Different production process-capacity and quality standards
  • Tolerance zones that have not been aligned to ensure tightness as well as sufficienthigh contact forces
  • Chemical compatibility of all raw materials (including production and auxiliary materials) are not guaranteed
  • Changes concerning production process were not investigated with respect to possible interactions
  • Disregard to the fact that certification and standards are given for one product from one manufacturer

There are different norms (UL1703 and IEC62548 installation norm) and regulations, which disallow cross-mating of two different brands and studies/ field data which prove very clearly there is no compatibility between two different connectors. Furthermore, the certification for the EN50521 product norm will be annulled by cross-mating. Always keep in mind that submitting a case to the court, e.g. in the event of a fire, involves high costs and bother over a long period.

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