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FoxBox Proven reliability:   More than 1 billion photovoltaic connectors in the Stäubli MC4 connector family have been successfully connected worldwide over the past 20 years in the harshest environments. We are the only supplier to have this remarkable track record. The reliability of Stäubli products is unmatched.
FoxBox Original MC4 sets the standard:   The first industrial photovoltaic connector (MC3) was introduced by Stäubli in 1996 followed by the original MC4 in 2004 setting the industry standard ever since. The exclusive MULTILAM advanced contact technology raised the bar in terms of consistent quality and outstanding reliability.
FoxBox Less risk, higher return:   Photovoltaic connectors may be small components, but they have a big impact and directly influence the bankability/LCOE of a PV plant. The use of reliable, long-lasting Stäubli photovoltaic connectors guarantees low service cost, low power losses and reduced downtime due to their low contact resistance, as well their elimination of risks for hotspots and fire.
FoxBox In-house production:   Instead of outsourcing, we set a high value on the local production of our components in Switzerland and Germany, as well as on the assembly in our factories in Germany, the USA and China. Furthermore, we are able to offer and arrange customer audits. Our combined technical expertise as well as our control of production and supply processes enables us to guarantee quality in terms of functionality, safety and material characteristics.
FoxBox Testing beyond the norm:   We pride ourselves in meeting all the requirements of the global market and are a certified manufacturer. Complying with international standards is fundamental for us. Stäubli sets an even higher value on field data, testing by customers and long-term in-house testing: our clients' success stories are what motivate us.

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