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FoxBox Education:   Thorough education is our utmost concern as it is at the basis of engineering and manufacturing high quality products. We strongly support continuous knowledge acquisition and staff training. Furthermore, we try to improve our customers’ education by means of key industry conferences, workshops and webinars.
FoxBox Guarantee:   We attach great importance to ensuring our components are of the highest quality and reliability. Our products are therefore subjected to thorough durability and quality testing before delivery. Furthermore, we learn continuously from field experience.
FoxBox Product availability:   Many components are kept in our product range on a long-term basis. This enables us to deliver parts even after long periods of time, which is especially important for the retrofitting of existing PV plants. We do our best to guarantee short delivery times and logistics support for our customers.
FoxBox Global presence:   We are a multinational group with a presence in 25 countries and agents in 50 countries on five continents. Our strong global network enables us to provide close contact with customers through local support, as for example through our sales and service subsidiaries. Our qualified team of experts and sales reps in the field provide comprehensive global support.
FoxBox Customer service:   Customer service is high on our list of priorities. We therefore provide expert advice and the best possible support to help our clients with their concerns – however challenging they may be. We do our best to help you with all your requirements regarding products, projects and services.

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