Solar Cable FLEX-SOL-XL

Solar Cable FLEX-SOL-XL Single-pole, double insulated solar cable with fine-wire tinned copper strands. The robust, flexible and space-saving design of FLEX-SOL-XL ensures constant electrical and mechanical properties during the whole life of the PV installation.

For the insulation of our FLEX-SOL-XL cables we use a chemically cross-linked compound. This exhibits complete and controlled in-depth cross-linking throughout the thickness of the cable sheath.

Cross-linking by chemical means results in a high overall process reliability and reproducibility and material homogeneity to which FLEX-SOL-XL cables owe their outstanding mechanical and thermal characteristics: high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance and flexibility under cold conditions.

FLEX-SOL-XL cables are also flame retardant, halogen-free, RoHS-conform and with particularly low smoke emission in case of fire.

Typical application
Use in the low-voltage field for heavy-duty outdoor wiring. In combination with the MC plug connector system for photovoltaics (PV): Assembly of connecting leads for time-saving cabling of PV modules.

More information
about the Solar Cable FLEX-SOL-XL

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