PV junction box PV-JB/WL-H

The concept
  • Junction box for electrical connection of horizontal ribbon conductors on crystalline modules
  • The low profile construction of the box allows it to be installed directly under the module frame. Ribbon termination is achieved by welding, soldering, or, optionally, by terminal clips.
  • The box is fixed to the panel with silicone RTV. Additional protection given by the projecting cover, which prevents kinking of the cables at the point where they emerge from the cable gland.
  • Fully NEC 2011 compliant requiring the special tool PV-MS-PLS to disconnect the cable couplers.
  • Compatible with MC4
  • Custom versions on request:
    - Individual lead lengths
    - Equipped with MC3 and MC4 connectors
    - Cable colours red or blue (only TÜV types)
    - Can be produced on request with alternative bypass diode   of type VSB2045 10 A.
  • Includes PSA tape strips for fixturing during installation.

  • sketch

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